Bride’s Top Ten Wedding Videographer Checklist

Some great vidoegrapher tips for brides!

Bride’s Top Ten Wedding Videographer checklist
1. Blooper reels are entertainment for years to come! Make sure the videographer gets plenty of candid shots. It’s good to have candid, exciting, unexpected shots that keep the newlyweds smiling from here to eternity. Make sure the videographer is prepared for those unexpected shots. And always remember-this is your wedding day and everything has to be close to perfect with the videographers and everyone working together to make this the best day of your life.
2. Videographers must use professional tripods for the steadiness of the video. At times, without the use of a tripod, the video can be very shaky no matter how experienced the videographer is in holding the camera. I have seen wedding videos that looked like an earthquake hit every few minutes. That shakiness could be avoided by the use of tripods. Tripods are especially essential when the speeches and programs are very long.
3. Audio, Audio, Audio. I can’t stress it enough. One of the worst things a wedding video can have is bad audio. For example, proper microphone placement on the guests is essential in making an amazing wedding video.
4. A 2-camera shoot is definitely better than a 1-camera shoot. With a 2- camera shoot, there are more cutaway shots which will make a more interesting and dynamic wedding video.
5. Make sure the videographers have plenty of backup tapes and that they are labeled. I know of a couple whose wedding videographer lost the entire reception including the best man’s speech and the first dance. Memorable moments like these are hard to get back especially when you have paid up to thousands of dollars for them.
6. Make sure all your loved ones get their shout-outs to the bride and groom during the wedding reception. Without shout-outs, when the bride and groom watch the video after they come back from their honeymoon, the video could be very dull.
7. Make sure you get the best bride and groom profile video shots that really bring out the outer beauty of the bride and groom.
8. Lighting is key and essential in delivering a next-to-perfect final video.
Too many times, brides complain how dark a video appears whether during the ceremony or reception. Sometimes, the video is so dark that you can barely identify loved ones and people that you want to see in the video.
9. Make sure the videographer is inconspicuous and is not in the way as much as possible. Make sure the videographer’s clothing blends in and doesn’t stand out from the dress attire. Neatness and professionalism is a plus.
10. For finalizing the video, make sure a videographer always gets the proper spelling of all names/parties of individuals in which the bride and groom would like to have at the end of the credits of their video.
Written by Merazile Entertainment



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