Home Lifestyle Home | Garden Home of the Week: An Elegant Country Inn Surrounded by Great Outdoor Scenery

By WENDI WINTERS, For The Capital

A visitor reaches this ancient farm manor via a curving driveway that stretches nearly a mile. Turning onto Kent Manor Drive, a visitor passes Ellendale, a new housing development under construction by Baldwin Homes and Lacrosse Homes. The road continues on past flat farmlands lush, in season, with corn and soybeans. Off in the distance, Thompson and Cox Creeks sparkle in the sunlight. The property we’re visiting is sited on one and a half miles of wide creek waterfront with a 3 1/2 foot draft. Past a white fence, a long double row of trees shades the roadway.

Behind a circular island of greenery and shrubs, centered with tall flagpoles bearing the U.S. and Maryland State flags, the Historic Kent Manor is now in view.

It’s dreamy. No wonder so many couples choose the location for their wedding and reception. The inn is also used for weekend getaways, retreats and corporate meetings. Kent Manor’s restaurant is a popular place for Saturday lunch, Sunday brunches and holiday dinners on occasions like Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day.

The three-story wood-frame structure is a beauty, with a line of white wooden railings punctuating the open porches on the main and second story. There is a large central structure with two wings. The first two stories of the main building are taller, and its façade juts out beyond the wings. Facing the building, the wing on the right is wider.
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