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Marriage Proposal: The Ten Commandments of Popping the Question

We here at the Waterfront Historic Kent Manor Inn have seen our share of weddings, but what you might be surprised to learn is that we’ve seen a lot of proposals take place here as well! Couples book a getaway weekend here and our nervous grooms-to-be have tremendous opportunities on our 220 acres of beautifully manicured land. This is especially important if you’re planning on getting photos of the big moment. So if you’re thinking of popping the question, we found this great article from The Plunge, who shared all of the things we agree are extremely important!

Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Don’t be Surprised
  2. Do Surprise Her
  3. Only Go Public if it’s a Lock
  4. Personalize
  5. Guard the Ring Like it’s Your Precious
  6. Take a Knee
  7. Keep Heavy Eye-Contact
  8. Actually Have a Ring
  9. Practice
  10. The Setting Trumps Size

Check out the full article here.


Do’s & Don’ts of Picking the Wedding Date!

He’s popped the question and you’ve got the bling! You’ve shared the big news with your family and friends and now you’re thinking about all the planning and preparations you have to do. The first thing you need to do is pick a date! How do you figure out that date? What are some things that need to be taken into consideration? Are you factoring in all the pros and cons, or have you missed something? The wedding professionals here at the Waterfront Historic Kent Manor Inn, located right outside of Annapolis on the eastern shores of Maryland, are here to help!

When picking the date of your big day, it’s important to remember that there are essentially two things that will be happening that day: the ceremony and the reception. Whether you choose to have them at two separate locations (maybe a church wedding followed by a hotel reception?) or all at the same one spot, you need to get these venues allocated first. It’s completely true what they say about “after having the venue, everything else will just fall in place”.

Reception halls book up fast, so having some flexibility in your date will help you land the time frame that you want. Here are some things you may want to consider when looking at dates:

  • Symbolism: Picking a date that has sentimental meaning to the both of you (like your first date, first kiss, parents’ or grandparents’ anniversary) can be very romantic. If you choose to go this route, don’t forget to mention the significance in your programs!
  • Season: Picking the right season can not only affect the color scheme of your wedding but the entire mood it has as well. Consider the personality of your wedding before you decide if you want a wedding with rich colors, snow-topped views and holiday sparkle (winter wedding) vs a wedding with crisp, fresh, pastels and sheer fabrics like chiffon (spring wedding). Weather has a tremendous effect on people’s behavior, so remember to think of your personal comfort level during these seasons. Does your fiance get sunburned easily? Or do you have a seasonal allergy? These are things to keep in mind.
  • Price: The budget can play a huge role in when you decide to have your wedding. Keep in mind that prices go up during peak season (May- October) but drop significantly during off-peak season (November- April). The day of the week and time of day can have a dramatic effect as well. Saturday nights are the most sought after dates. So asking for a Thursday, Friday or Sunday nights or an earlier time slot on Saturday (think brunch) can save you hundreds of dollars (sometime thousands).
  • Holiday: Some couples want their wedding based around a holiday like 4th of July weekend or New Year’s Eve. If your holiday lands on a 3-day weekend, it can make things easier for out of town guests. On the other hand, some guests might not be as likely to attend because it’s on a holiday they hold dear.
  • VIP Preference: We’re talking about your nearest and dearest family and friends. You should make sure to discuss the date that you have in mind with them to make sure that it’s a date that they can make. You wouldn’t want to accidentally pick a date and then find out that Dad, who you thought would walk you down the aisle, is going to be away on a business trip.
  • No-No Days! Some dates are definitely off-limits. Keep in mind the profession you’re in and take into account what time of year is crunch-time. If you’re an accountant or work in finance, make sure to steer away from the weekend before tax day. You’ll either be stressed out of your mind or unable to take off for a honeymoon.