A Bright Outlook Beyond the Beltway For Off-site Meetings and Retreats

Aug 28th, 2009 by

When planning a corporate retreats, a sales meeting, a reunion or a church conference, it’s tempting to focus on the metropolitan areas of Washington DC and Baltimore.

But in terms of being catered to by a professional attentive staff who truly cares about your business and also a cost-effective meeting venue, the solution is right over the Bay Bridge on Kent Island at Historic Kent Manor Inn located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore near Annapolis.

Be productive. Be creative. Be innovative. Now is the time to approach your meetings from a new angle. Our hospitality team is ready to make it easy for you to deliver an engaging event. And our Marketing Partners can provide experiential activity based learning sessions, team building, uncommon entertainment and services that will result in kudos and rave reviews from your attendees.


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