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Planning a theme wedding? Here’s how to keep it classy…

Our beautiful Maryland waterfront venue is home to many nautical and garden-inspired weddings, and we always look forward to help creating a unique or out of the ordinary wedding. Themed weddings are always fun and exciting but many couples find it difficult to execute. Here are a few tips on how you can take a simple wedding theme and turn it into something extravagant!

1. Keep it Simple: Even if your theme is very broad, you don’t want guests to misinterpret it for something else. You wouldn’t want someone to think that your “vintage rose garden” theme was an Alice in Wonderland theme or that your “winter wonderland” idea was just white and blue. Pick a few important items like the cake, flowers and stationary to let your theme truly shine and then let the rest of your work act as supporting characters to your main event. For example, if you’re having your bridesmaids dress in cowgirl boots, don’t overdo it by having them dress in jeans and plaid shirts too. The same theory goes for your décor- if you’re having large and extravagant centerpieces then keep your linens and tableware effortless. By keeping things simple, your theme will have more balance. The theme related items you do splurge on will appear more dramatic and you end up spending less in total.

Brandon Kidd Photography

[Photo Credit: Brandon Kidd Photography]

2. Don’t Lose Focus: It’s easy to let the theme of your wedding takeover, but don’t lose sight of what’s really important- The Marriage! The wedding day is all about the union of you and your significant other so don’t let the décor or colors of your theme overshadow that fact. Guests should be looking at the bride as she walks down the aisle- not staring at the bridesmaid dresses or aisle décor. You want them to focus on you and your fiancé, so don’t use anything that’s too distracting.


[Photo Credit: Ryan Lash Photography]

3. It’s all in the Details: Some brides have a clear idea of what they want. Whether it’s a “Nautical” theme or a “California Winery” theme, they know the colors they want to use, the fonts they want and more. Sometimes, the only problem is where should they use it? We can’t tell you how often we hear guests gushing about the smallest details of a wedding. For example, a recent bride decided to have a little led light inside her cake topper and guests couldn’t stop raving about it. We have also had a couple who brought in framed photos from their engagement shoot to use as the centerpieces for their cocktail hour. The same couple also splurged on colored lighting throughout the reception room but it was their cocktail photos that were the talk of the night.


[Photo Credit: Jonas Peterson]

For more ideas on how you can plan a theme wedding, check out our Facebook photos to see previous weddings. Also keep in mind, that the wedding coordinators at the Historic Kent Manor Inn are always ready to help you brainstorm and create the wedding of your dreams!


3 Awesome DIY Projects

Do-It-Yourself projects are a great way to help keep your budget in check and add a little personal flare to your big day! Creative weddings at the Historic Kent Manor on Maryland’s Eastern Shore is always in style. We, here at the Historic Kent Manor Inn, have seen some pretty amazing work from our 1,000+ brides.

Check out some of the beautiful things they’ve made and our tips on how you can do something similar to make it your own.

  1. Table Numbers


[Photo Credit: K. Rainier Photography]

Jen and Mike used simple table card holder decorated with wine corks and ribbon to match their coastal wine-themed wedding. By keeping the table numbers simple, they were able to let their lavish floral centerpieces take the spotlight on the tables. If you plan on having large centerpieces and don’t want anything else on your table to compete for attention, then simple table numbers on a decorative stand (possibly adorned with ribbon in your wedding colors) might be the best route. Another alternative is to do the complete opposite and have simple centerpieces with lavish table numbers. You can get thick photo frames with intricate designs to keep guests staring. Depending on the type of frame you get, you can also spray paint them to match your wedding colors.

  1. Bride & Groom Chairs


[Photo Credit: Kathleen Hertel Photography]

One of the most popular ways that we see brides and grooms decorate their chairs is by using signage. You can make one similar to Munzer and Munzer’s chair signs (seen above) by drilling a hole on each side of a sturdy piece of wood and tying rope or colored ribbon around it. Then using a calligraphy stencil you can paint in the word “Mr.” Use the same method to create the “Mrs.” sign and no will be able to tell you made it yourself! Pick the font style and colors that match your wedding to give it a personal twist. Lastly drape your veil and his jacket over the corners for some added décor.

  1. Seating Charts


[Photo Credit: Kathleen Hertel Photography]

Gone are the days where you absolutely need to have individual escort cards. Kent Manor Inn has been seeing more and more seating charts like the one pictured above. Putting all of your guests and their table numbers on one big chart can save you time and money! You can make your own seating chart like Nina and Brian did with the use of a colored window marker and an old, rustic window pane. Find a marker and window pane that fits your wedding’s style to customize the look. Another option is to use a large chalkboard and white marker if the chalk style follows your theme.

Whatever DIY project you chose to do for your wedding, rest assured that the always-attentive staff at the beautiful waterfront venue of Kent Manor Inn is ready and waiting to help your vision unfold on your big day!