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How to Re-Wear Your Bridesmaid Dress!

Many times, a bridesmaid will wear her dress once and then store it away in the back of her closet after that special occasion. You don’t have to do that anymore! With today’s economy, it’s especially important to get as much mileage out of an outfit (whether it’s a special occasion dress or not) as possible. Style blogger and soon-to-be-bride, Jean from has a few great ideas on how you can re-use that dress for many other occasions!

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How to Plan a Honeymoon

As one of the premier wedding venues on the Eastern shore of Maryland, Historic Kent Manor Inn has seen many couples dreaming ahead to their honeymoon weeks before the wedding!


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There are many factors that go into planning a honeymoon, but the first of which begins with finding a ball park figure of where your dream honeymoon lands and the realistic budget of where you can afford to go. We’ve enlisted the help of a honeymoon budget spreadsheet (created by The Plunge) to help you start the process!

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