Amazing and Breathtaking Maryland Wedding at Historic Kent Manor Inn

Amazing & Breathtaking!    posted 7/22/2012 from

Historic Kent Manor Inn was by far the best choice for a wedding venue out of the four we looked at. We couldn’t have been happier with the way the wedding turned out. We had our wedding on a Friday evening so we did not have to worry about any other weddings that day. We stayed Thursday night as well as the night of and for giving up one of our rooms blocked for Thursday night they gave us a free one for Saturday. So my husband and I were able to have a mini honeymoon there. The food was amazing as well as the customer service.

The staff was great especially Danielle the Wedding coordinator. Even though they were really busy with two weddings back to back on Saturday, she still made sure we had everything we needed. She would always say “do you need anything? then she would say “are you sure? let me know if you need anything.” I would definitely recommend this place to future brides who want great service, great food, beautiful scenery and for those of you brides on a budget I think this is your best choice.

We started out with a budget and they really worked to get it as close as they could, but of course then we started adding things and ended up going over budget. Again if you are on a budget they will work with you to get you the wedding that you want. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the way we were treated at Historic Kent Manor Inn.


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