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From Posted: Monday, July 9, 2012 6:49 pm | Updated: 6:57 pm, Mon Jul 9, 2012.


CENTREVILLE – Circuit Court Judge Thomas G. Ross on June 25 upheld the Board of Appeals February decision that weddings, receptions and other large-scale events are not permitted  . . [ Love Point at Kent Island is to be closed by court order ]

Richard and Joan Reinheimer of 405 Blue Bay Road in Stevensville, doing business as Love Point at Kent Island, LLC, were ordered to stop holding events, to immediately correct any violations of county code and to pay for their own attorney fees and the cost of the proceedings.

“It is inconceivable to the Court that the Reinheimers continue to operate their illegal business on the subject property. It is obvious that they believe that the law does not apply to them, and continued arrogance after all that has transpired will be severely sanctioned if they fail to adhere to this Court’s order(s) in the future,” Ross wrote in his decision.


He summed up the on-going situation, “The Department (of Planning and Zoning) has investigated complaints related to the Reinheimers’ use of the property, and the events that are being held there. The Department has issued a number of citations. The Reinheimers continue to operate the weddings and events business despite the citations, cease and desist order, lack of permits, and the decision of the Board of Appeals precluding such events. Unfortunately, the Reinheimers have also continued to contract for future events despite the status of these matters.”

Check out Historic Kent Manor Inn for Wedding Date Availability.


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