Our Environmental Stewardship Statement

Jan 12th, 2010 by

Historic Kent Manor Inn recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and promoting responsible green meetings. We realize the need to preserve our environment for future generations and responsibly use our resources to reduce waste. We responsibly offer the following green options for your next meeting:

Reusable, Not Disposable

The reduction of waste is a key element in preserving our environment

Use of refillable water pitchers and glasses instead of bottled water. This can also be applied to iced tea and sodas
Plastic items are replaced by cutlery including eliminating plastic coffee stir sticks
Arrangements can be made for edible-organic or reusable centerpieces, i.e. silk. Cost for this will be the responsibility of the meeting planner.
Paper doilies will not be used but replaced instead by coasters where appropriate.
Custom menus will be printed on recycled paper
Environmentally hazardous one use cups have been replaced by glasses or eco-friendly disposable cups

Organic and Local

It is well known that organic food reduces chemical pollution and has documented health benefits. Using local ingredients is also eco-friendly.

Organic beverages such as tea and wines will be offered
Local and in-season cuisine will be served wherever possible
Seafood choices are sustainable
Menus can include sustainable/organic options as well as vegetarian/vegan options.
Seasonally, we grow many vegetables organically, on premises


Guests will receive information regarding walking trails and nature-based activities including wildlife preserves in the local area
Any on-property green event space is incorporated into the event
Our sales department will email contracts whenever possible to avoid paper waste
We can assist in the purchasing for your meeting of flash drives, recycled pens and pencils, reusable coffee mugs or bottles


We encourage using paperless technology. New technology and media can eliminate paper waste. Create a conference website. Offer electronic registration and confirmation.
Bins will be placed in each meeting room for all recyclables
White boards will be offered rather than using flip charts
If flip charts are needed, chart paper will be made from recycled paper
Use LCD projectors instead of handouts- all documents can be emailed to all meeting participants. Another option would be to save all presentations on flash drives for each participant to take with them.
If printed materials are a necessity, use recycled paper
Provide conference cups or travel mugs for coffee and beverage breaks
We are committed to protecting and preserving the environment and creating a healthier and sustainable future in an ongoing manner and we will be continually expanding our efforts.


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