Corporate Meetings | Annapolis | Kent Manor Inn

Everyone knows the old saw about never combining business with pleasure. But when you schedule your next conference or business meeting at Historic Kent Manor Inn on Maryland’s beautiful Eastern Shore, you’ll find the two blend together perfectly.

From small, intimate corporate retreats to major business meetings, Historic Kent Manor Inn has a room that will suit your needs.

With all the natural grace and amenities of a top-flight inn, the staff of Historic Kent Manor is always on hand to make sure your meeting runs smoothly, and to provide you with the additional assistance you may need to plan every aspect of your corporate event.

Coupled with its old-fashioned charm are all the elements of advanced technology you’ll need for your meeting’s computer and audio-visual components. All of the Kent’s meeting rooms are CAT-5e hardwired, allowing you the best possible connection, and WiFi is available throughout the inn and its surrounding gardens and grounds.

For a truly memorable impression, choose the inn’s glass-enclosed Waterfront Garden House. Offering a raised center stage that’s perfect for both presentations and displays, this lovely building stands separate from the main inn, and offers a bar and dance floor, making it an especially perfect choice for holiday or retirement parties, awards ceremonies, and other venues.

For overnight guests, the inn offers 24 luxurious sleeping rooms, as well as a four-star restaurant. And of course, our catering options reflect the same dedication to taste and quality for which our restaurant has become well-known.

Whether you’re planning a large corporate event or a small retreat or gathering, your success is our business – and our pleasure.


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