About Historic Kent Manor Inn

If you live in the state of Maryland, you’re probably already aware of the historic gem that is the Kent Manor Inn. However, for those of you who have never been this waterfront treat is a must for everything from romantic getaways to fancy weddings and even high-profile, corporate meetings.

For those of you who are interested in spending some time relaxing near the Chesapeake Bay, Kent Manor offers all the amenities that you’re used to from any of the top hotels. There is a complimentary breakfast and newspaper every morning, and of course room service is available in all of our historic rooms. There is a pool available for our guests to enjoy during their stay, as well.

If you are looking to host a conference or company meeting, Kent Manor can meet your needs too. There are a variety of meeting rooms available in several different occupancies and sizes in order to accommodate nearly any type of business meeting, and there is even free high-speed internet service available inside the building and all throughout the property, as well. Beverages and snacks can also be arranged for a conference, as can almost any other group meal you could want.

And if it is a sophisticated, fine dining experience you seek, Kent Manor is indeed the place for you. There are many seasonal specials and favorites available on their brunch, lunch, and dinner menu and a vast selection of chardonnay and other fine wines are available to compliment any meal or occasion.


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